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This is our motto, and we are experts in delivering the best 100% organic foods and personal care items manufactured locally.  We work with local vendors within the five boroughs of New York to deliver clean fresh products.


Our vendors are distributing a large variety of products such as  Personal Care, Beverage, Snacks, Grocery, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO and more.

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We have developed an effective and fast delivery network which delivers products to your home or office same day.

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We look for local vendors that are trying to make a difference in the foods we eat and the products we use on our bodies.  Some of our vendors you may have seen at local food shows.  We help promote these vendors that are in your backyard.
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We continue to grow the brands on our site.  If you happen to run into a brand that you don’t see here, help us help them

More Than 15 Years In The Business

Almost 16!

We are working with farms and vendors of organic products. And with almost 16 years experience, and to be honest this is the best job ever – to hear or see the people smiles when they try our tasty organic food and personal care items!
100% Professional Customer Satisfaction

With over 20 years of customer satisfaction.  We pride ourselves by giving our customers and vendors best in class customer satisfaction.

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FoodKraze, What You Need To Know

What are the benefits?

You will receive affordable, organic products produced by local vendors

How much does it cost?

Because you are buy directly from the vendor costs are less

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If you are interested in becoming a member please complete Become a Member Form

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Certified organic products, organically grown, manufactured locally.

Fun Fact

Pigs snuggle close to one another and prefer to sleep nose to nose. They dream, much as humans do. In their natural surroundings, pigs spend hours playing, sunbathing, and exploring. People who run animal sanctuaries for farmed animals often report that pigs, like humans, enjoy listening to music, playing with soccer balls, and getting massages.

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People eating organic food 65%
People eating fast food 35%
People on diets 45%

Are you looking a place to buy quality Organic Food and Personal Care?
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Natural and Organic Food and Personal Care do indeed have a healthier nutritional benefit than their counterparts that is why you need to make purchases from a certified marketplace.
At Foodkraze, you will find everything to fulfill your daily shopping needs and an exciting choice of Organic food and Personal care products.
You will all enjoy peace of mind shopping for truly natural and organic food and personal care items
Why Us?
Foodkraze offers only unique products and Extraordinary Brands
You will also enjoy peace of mind shopping for pure natural and organic food and personal care items.

Weekly Interview: Rebecca Bullon

Joanne: Rebecca tell us about how you started RebootwithRebecca?

Rebecca: “ I created Reboot with Rebecca to make an impact in the lives of people who are ready. Health is not only about what you eat, Its about who you are and what you believe in. Our wellness is physically, mentally and energetically connected. I coach people on reconnecting to their WHY, getting clear their on their VISION and what HEALth looks like for them.

Joanne:  Tell us more about you about your company

Rebecca: Just like most Americans Rebecca Bullon was your average young woman. She was born in North New Jersey and was raised in Central Florida. She graduated with her AA of fine arts in Fashion Design and Merchandising at IADT of Tampa. Short after she moved to the Big Apple to obtain her Bachelors degree at Parsons The New School for Design. After her first year at The New School, Rebecca’s journey to health began.

As a young girl she dealt with years of severe Candida and constant UTI’s. Like most women not knowing what to do she just went to her doctor and took any medication she was given. But after trying everything and nothing worked she decided to give nutrition a chance. With the help of one of her older sisters Karla, she changed her entire diet and within just a few weeks she started noticing results. A few months later she not only noticed that her symptoms were gone but they never came back. This was life changing for Rebecca and inspired her to take it further. This is when she realized that she no longer wanted to study fashion, but wanted to learn as much as she could about health, nutrition and more.

More about Rebecca:

She flew out to Kentucky to attend a Raw Food Retreat. There she learned about the benefits of juicing and a raw vegan diet and how it had an abundance of benefits on the human body. At the same time Rebecca’s other older sister Samantha had been battling Cancer for five years. After all the treatments and chemotherapy Samantha’s body was too weak and she passed away at age 24. This experience became fuel for Rebecca and at this moment she knew that she wanted to help people for the rest of her life! She then attended The International School of Detoxification in Sarasota, Fl. There she earned her title as a Certified Detoxification Specialist (CDS). Afterwards she attended Wellness Simplified in Morristown, NJ where she received her certification as Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC).

Today she is still 100% symptom free and embracing a vegan lifestyle. She is also founder of Reboot with Rebecca and is in the process of continuing her education in Holistic Health and Nutrition to find different methods for her clients so that they may get healthy, stay healthy and feel great!

Rebecca Bullon – CEO & Founder of Rebbot With Rebecca

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